Viral Online Pop star 


Arya… She’s more than you can imagine.
Call it a sign of GOOD things to come.
Arya is still at the very early stages in her ascension to fame. How cool is that???
It’s amazing to note…
Maybe even more interesting to analyze; Success came overnight for this one (Even though she was playing away for years.)
I do believe this is the truest difference between online stardom and “Paying your dues”
The online world is it’s own magnetic marketing machine, far different, astronomically cheaper, maybe superior to the old ways of mass marketing and touring your guts out!!
One happening, one video goes viral, and now you’re riding a whole new wave. Can you hold onto for the ride? Arya is. All is revealed in this podcast


A trained #Carnatic singer, Arya Dhayal walks the tightrope between Indian classical singing and western pop influences with relative ease and aplomb. The young musician became a household name after her powerful rendition of a Carnatic fusion of Believer inspired the legendary Amitabh Bachchan to #tweet in praise of her work.
Her brave unconventional approach to music has inspired many with her songs like Kannodu Kaanbathellam, CID Moosa V/S professor and Marghazhi poove remix bringing in over a million views on YouTube. A rising social media icon, the singer boasts of a follower count of 614 000 subscribers on #YouTube, and 360 000 on #Instagram respectively.