Any massive house or building may have many doors. Depending on what door you enter, it will inevitably lead you to where you end up, inside or outside that building. If you want to get to the places you want to go, you don’t want to keep reaching dead ends. Navigating a massive country’s music industry can be a daunting task. Wonderwall Media is one of these proverbial “doors” to India. Maybe, the greatest doorway of them all, for all those interested in India’s massive audience.  You need to start somewhere… This is a company that is built to establish, create, develop, and produce acts. Wonderwall Media is EVERYTHING the entertainment industry has to offer. 

TV production, (Over 800 Million Views on YouTube on content created), Major festivals, and Artist management.  Wonderwall media isn’t only a production company, they have their own brands of major Festivals, they have teams of camera men, editors, sound and light techs, everyone it takes to design, curate, and execute major productions. 

This podcast is with the man at the top. They call him sir, I call him brother. Ladies and gentlemen, Sumesh Lal, CEO of Wonderwall Media