As International Project Manager at Centre national de la musique (CNM), my mission is to help the French music industry professionals (labels, tour agents, publishers, managers, etc.) exporting their projects and connecting with international professionals all over the world.

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Centre national de la musique (CNM) is a French State organization dedicated to the music industry created in January 2020. Acting as a hub for all French music professionals, it aims to support and promote a wide range of genres and represent all industry sectors – from recorded music to live shows and publishing.

The CNM is taking on all of the export activities and services that were previously those of Le Bureau Export since 1993, which has now joined the organization. Its mission is to foster the international development of the French music industry and variety industry and provide information about made-in-France artists, their French professional entourage and the French music sector:

  • expert consulting and recommendations
  • funding programs
  • market resources
  • promotion about the latest projects through our recommendation brand What the France

 Benjamin Demelemester has been working in the music sector for 19 years as Booking Agent (Zamora Productions), Production Manager (Festival de Saint-Denis), and since 2016 International Project Manager at CNM.

Based in France, he lived two years in Russia and has been a regular globetrotter since then. He loves foreign languages, genre films and bands with unpronounceable names.