How did a lad from Brissy with a drum kit and a dream come to direct two world-class talent agencies? Hard work, grassroots experience, and a hunger to shake-up the entertainment scene.

A talent in his own right, Damian has performed alongside bands to the tune of the Foo Fighters and Oasis, as a drummer for Motor Ace. Three albums and 8-years later, he left the kit to cut his teeth on the business arm of entertainment, working with the Mushroom Group of companies for the next 5-years.

Experiencing both sides of the story led Damian to rewrite and reimagine his own – designing a hybrid model of talent booking and management agency where corporate and creative worlds collide – where partnerships have meaning, and everyone reaps the rewards.

In 2013, he founded 123 Agency.

Damian and his team at 123 Agency have worked with rising and established independent artists including Tash Sultana, The Veronicas, Kingswood, and a host of other big-name acts.

In 2017, he co-founded Creative Entertainment Agency which has already forged partnerships with leading international entertainers and brands to the calibre of Charlize Theron, Kelly Rowland, Chris Hemsworth, Swisse, and Hugo Boss.

Now taking a role at Live Nation my aim is simple — to develop and deliver first class entertainment solutions for our clients in Australasia. The Live Nation Special Events business unit will consists of a dedicated and experienced team with over 25+ years experience.

Our diverse skills mean we are able to source new opportunities and deliver elevated results for our clients and their customers. LNSE will deliver innovative solutions for events, programming and activations of all sizes throughout Australasia.

Our end-to-end services connect global, national and local entertainment opportunities to leading recording artists, comedians, celebrity talent and much much more.

Our strategic partners across the LNA group bring together our collective experience together to ensure you stand out from the competition. Our client list is international, local and the best that there is to offer.

Damian connects people, to reach people, in the most innovative of ways.