John Huang
Marketing Director/Promoter/Program Director
Atrip/WWWWWTAPES/Asia Rolling Music Festival/Golden Indie Music Awards

John Huang is the Marketing Director of Atrip (d.b.a. Rikka Trading company limited). He has created a new wave of Southeast Asian tourists to come to Taiwan by cooperating with musicians and photographers by developing and creating a cooperation that works in the fields of Travel, Music, Life, Events and Views.

He is also the co-founder of WWWWWTAPES studio that promotes Southeast Asian indie music to Taiwan and manages publishing, tours and crossover cooperations. And they made a special collaboration which WWWWWTAPES have their own program in every hours to play those indie music they picked over 1400 Taiwan convenience stores.

Lastly, he is the Program director of 2021 Asia Rolling Music Festival (ARMF) and oversea PR of Golden Indie Music Awards 2021: Asia Rolling music festival (ARMF) held in 2018 for the first time in Taiwan with the expectation of allowing the exchange activities of creative music both at home and abroad to take place through music festival, the goal of Asia Rolling Music Festival is to set up an iconic music creation communication platform in Asia and demonstrate the distinctive music style and spirit of creation of Asia by inviting Taiwanese and Asian indie artists to give music performances in addition to organizing forums and industrial matchmaking events.

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