Inter Idoru Artist Management
Tokyo, Japan * Tokyo-based, American-born, Memphis-raised, Apryl Peredo is a multi-faceted music industry professional.  She titles herself as an Artist Manager, but she does more than simply manage. * With first-hand knowledge of the ins-and-outs of the ever-changing music industry in general and Japan-specific, and a clear vision of how to help musicians further their careers, she hosts workshops on social media use, publishing, best booking practices, touring regionally and overseas, and long-term planning and goal-setting.   * Her early experience as an awful bass player in a punk band led to a position as an A&R intern for EMI, Radio Promotion Assistant and seasonal studio manager for Cotton Row Studios in Memphis TN.  Later she began hosting a radio show and co-coordinating weekend music festivals and events in Dallas, Texas.  Now in Tokyo she runs the gamut from: co-writing and editing English lyrics for Japanese anime, pop, and rock bands, assembling ensemble bands for special projects, and hands-on artist development.  She has worked with large festivals such as Countdown Japan! and Warped Japan as well.  She is regularly called on by those making short and feature-length films when an “expert” is needed on Japanese modern music to suit a scene. * 2021 marks the inaugural year of “Japan x MONDO.NYC” Showcase stage. This is a hybrid event sponsored by IIAM with a curated live event in Tokyo in September with a livestream event of the same bands in NYC in October. Hopes are that for 2022, the NYC appearance will be in-person so that the “export” of Japanese music can be felt in person.  * Projects in the pipeline include a 1. Tokyo-based showcase festival for both Japanese and overseas bands. This will be a partnership project with a venue family in the Shibuya area with the hope to provide another unique musical opportunity for international artists wanting to get a taste of the Japanese music scenes, as they would Korea/Zandari, Thailand/BMC, and others. 2. Annual “Memphis Night” event for domestic Japanese bands influenced by the “Memphis Sound” plus bands specifically from Memphis Tennessee joining together.   * In addition to her main work with Japanese domestic artists developing within Japan, she also helps non-Japanese artists who wish to come experience, explore, and grow within the Japanese music market by coordinating and managing tours, developing entrance strategy, and approaching labels and distributors. Apryl Peredo https://interidoru.studio.site/#english アーティスト, ミュージシャンの開発及びマネージメント 音楽ジャーナリスト(英語版と日本語版の出版) 作詞家(英語) Booking and Tour Management